Happy Lemonade Day!


5 Facts about lemon that will make you believe that it does help the skin

1) Lemon natural anti-aging

The antioxidants found in lemon along with vitamin C help fight skin damage caused by the sun and air pollution, reduce wrinkles, and improve the overall appearance of the skin. Vitamin C helps create collagen that allows the skin to be firmer and younger over time.

2) Lemon treats your feet

Treat dry, cracked or rough feet with fresh lemon. Lemon is rich in citric acid which acts as a natural exfoliator that helps remove dead skin cells, rejuvenate the skin and lighten dark areas.

3) Glowing skin

Lemon works like magic in lightening dark spots and is great for unifying your skin tone.

4) Acne killer

Before going to bed, squeeze half a fresh lemon, soak it in a clean piece of cotton wool and apply on face. Sleep with the lemon juice all night and wash your face thoroughly.

And last but not least…..

5) Lemon helps to lose weight

Start the morning by drinking a glass of warm water with a squeezed lemon to boost your metabolism and burn fat and speed up weight loss.

So if you have asked yourself if you should consume fresh lemon juice on a daily basis – then the answer is yes!


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