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Lumi Tweezers

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Product Overview

From extracting splinters to plucking your eyebrows, Lumi Tweezers have the firm grasp you need to get the job done, first time.  Get real control over your tweezing ritual with perfectly aligned tips, powerful LED light, and fine calibration. Made from stainless steel, Lumi Tweezers are easy to clean and so durable, you’ll never need another pair of tweezers.

* Uses 3 batteries AG3

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How to use your Lumi Tweezers

step 1
Press the LED button to turn on the light
step 2
Use the light to guide the tweezers – even to fine hairs
step 3
Grab the hair you want to pluck out, and pull

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  1. Shirley

    Easy to use. The light shows you what hairs you have missed. Love them

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