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Real Beauty



Unique double safety mechanism


Just 5-minutes, once a week


Results from the very first treatment


DRF™ technology, based on the most advanced radio frequency technology


To reduce wrinkles and smooth the skin


Smart temperature control

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That feeling when you look in the mirror and see a face looking back at you that isn’t the one you thought– or hoped – to see? We get it. We know how wrinkles can make you feel. They may be called laughter lines, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to laugh freely without having to worry about them?

Life is hectic – we get that, so we want to help by putting control of your beauty into your hands. With Sensilift, you get a clinically-proven solution for mild to moderate facial wrinkles that you can use yourself– safely and at your own convenience – delivering real results.



The treatment takes only a few minutes, but you can be sure that every one of those minutes counts. Whether you use it at home or away, first thing in the morning or late at night, the hand-held, quiet, compact device will give you noticeable results in only 5 minutes a week for 8 weeks.



Fast effective
& pain free

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Sensilift is an innovative anti-aging device that boosts collagen production to reduce wrinkles, and lift and tighten your skin. Here are just two of the innovative features you will find in Sensilift:

  • DRF™ technology – (Dynamic Radio Frequency) the dual acting massage and RF therapies stimulate circulation while allowing the RF waves to travel deeper into the skin where the collagen forms. Unlike typical RF technology for home use, which is restricted when treating a specific area, Dynamic RF™ unique facial massaging action has been proven to enable multiple RF wave lengths to penetrate different skin layers simultaneously, to create a more intense, more effective treatment.
  • Smart temperature control – the built-in sensors continuously adjust the temperature to ensure maximum safety and comfort.
  • Treatment areas: Crow’s feet, Eleven, Jawline, forehead, smile folds, cheeks, décolletage and hands.

As we age, the quantity and quality of the collagen fibres in our skin is reduced, which can cause wrinkles. Using technology specially developed by our experts, Sensilift both enhances existing collagen and generates new collagen, to reduce the appearance of loose skin and fine lines.

Unlike costly fillers, lasers and other invasive treatments, wrinkle reduction with Sensilift is pain free, non-invasive and requires no recovery or downtime.

Built-in sensors auto-adjust to your skin’s temperature, for maximum safety and comfort, while the dual-acting massage and RF therapies of our clinically-proven Dynamic RF™ stimulate circulation, allowing the RF waves to travel deeper to where collagen is produced. The results speak for themselves – visibly reduced wrinkles and younger-looking skin.

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1,000,000 SALES

Real User

Sabrina Y

You’ve done a clinical test to prove that this product actually works, so many products just don’t have that – Sensilift

Luxandra M.

I am a make up artist, and this device actually works! I use it sometimes before putting on my make up and it will smooth your skin. It's a great tool”- Sensilift

Elena B

My skin feels tighter even after just one use - Sensilift

Kristin M

With Sensica they really want you to get the best out of the product to maximize your results” – Sensilift

Julianne F.

Anti-aging shouldn’t just be a cosmetic or esthetic thing, it makes me feel more refreshed confident and rejuvenated- Sensilift

Real Results

of users said they were satisfied with Sensilift after just one treatment
of users reported improved skin appearance, texture and wrinkle reduction following use of the device
of users who completed 8 Sensilift treatments experienced overall reduction in facial wrinkles, even after 5 months!

Get your Sensilift

Sensilift up (003)

Kit Includes

1 Device

1 Base Gel 60ml

1 Cotton Bag


How to use your Sensilift

step 1

Make sure the skin in the treatment area is dry, clean and free of topical products, such as moisturisers. Remove jewellery.

step 2

Apply an even layer of Base Gel over the treatment area.

step 3

Turn on the device and select the RF energy and massage level that is comfortable for you.

step 4

Place the treatment fingers on the intended area, ensuring full contact with your skin during the entire treatment. Move the device in a slow, circular motion.


The clinically proven Dynamic RF™ technology in Sensilift combines clinically proven RF (Radio Frequency), with advanced facial massage. It works by allowing multiple RF waves to reach deeper and more evenly through the skin layers to heat tissues containing collagen. This heat both generates new collagen and remodels existing collagen, resulting in reduced wrinkles and improved skin elasticity.

Sensilift is designed for wrinkle reduction and skin elasticity renewal on the: hands, décolletage, neck, crow’s feet, cheeks, around the mouth, chin and jawline”

Yes, the Sensilift wrinkle-reduction device has been tested and approved by dermatologists and physicians to meet the FDA safety standards for home use. It is important to use the device only as instructed in the Instructions for Use.

Sensilift should not be used over sunburns and dark brown or black spots such as liver spots, birth marks, around the nipples, moles or blisters in the treatment area.

Not at all, in fact it’s just the opposite. When used correctly, Sensilift creates a warm and relaxing sensation on the area being treated.

Results may be visible from the first treatment. For long-lasting results, the treatment should be repeated as recommended in the protocol (8 treatments).

For long-lasting results use Sensilift once a week for 8 weeks on each area. Maintenance treatments every 4-8 weeks can help sustain long-term results. The treatment protocol has been clinically proven to be the most efficient and effective way to use the device.

Yes, it is strictly prohibited to use Sensilift without Gel Base. The Base Gel has been specially designed to work with Sensilift. It improves contact with your skin which improves skin conductivity and proper delivery of Dynamic RF energy, ensuring you both safety and treatment efficacy.

Sensilift can be used for all complexions.

Yes Sensilift can be used by both men and women.

Depending on the size, quantity and location of the dental implants will determine if you can use Sensilift. It is a possibility that Sensilift is right for you, and we recommend performing a preliminary test to see if there is any extra sensitivity in the teeth area. We also suggest consulting with your dentist.

Yes. Sensilift can be used by those who have had injections, fillers or a facelift at least 3 months prior to their Sensilift treatment.

Yes, this is exactly what should be happening. Sensilift has a built-in thermostat to prevent overheating. Once it reaches the maximum temperature, you will feel the device cool down and then gradually reheat to the correct temperature.

Yes, you can. But just make sure that your skin is clean of any creams, perfumes, residues, etc. at least an hour before treatment. *More information in the Instructions for Use.

The clinical studies we performed indicated that once a week is enough to reach visible results. There is no need to do more treatments.

To register your device go to our homepage and on the bottom you will see “Warranty Activation”. Once you’ve been sent to the Warranty Activation page you will need to insert information and your warranty number (found on the back upper right corner of the warranty card that came with your device).

The energy button is a touch button, you don’t too press it too hard, just touch it.

The tube contains 60ml of Gel and every tube is weighted before we put it in its box. It may seem empty because the tube is larger than its actual content, this in order to ease the spreading through the metallic balls.

The strange noise that you hear it’s the massage function, there are people more sensitive to this noise, but this is perfectly normal.

The energy button is a sensitive touch button, you don’t need too press hard, just gently tap it.

In some devices, this malfunction can occur if you use an extension cord, please use the device without it. If it continues, please contact our customer service.


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  1. This device has really helped improving the fine lines around my lips and eyes, I use it consistently once a week and I’m seeing results. My face gets a bit red after use, the pores and the texture of the skin really looks healthier- love it!

  2. it works for me, results are not immediate and you have to be patient, been using once a week. it has definitely reduced my hair growth. I’m happy with it and would recommend.

  3. Great effective product, enjoying it every day

38 reviews for Sensilift

4.7 Rating
1-5 of 38 reviews
  1. This device has really helped improving the fine lines around my lips and eyes, I use it consistently once a week and I’m seeing results. My face gets a bit red after use, the pores and the texture of the skin really looks healthier- love it!

  2. it works for me, results are not immediate and you have to be patient, been using once a week. it has definitely reduced my hair growth. I’m happy with it and would recommend.

  3. I bought this a treat for myself as I was starting to notice wrinkles on my face. I’m really impressed with the instant results I get from this devise! After using this for the first time It smoothed out my wrinkles by 90%, they were barley noticeable, not to mention how amazing this feels on the face. As someone that has considered cosmetic treatments to correct these issues I’m so glad I didn’t. I have recommended this device to all my friends. I couldn’t be happier with the results. This is now part of my daily routine and has really helped with my confidence.

  4. ’m really happy with the results I’ve seen from this the device in such a short amount of time.

    After using this once Ive noticed an immediate improvement in the fine lines on my face. Not to mention how easy it fits in your hand. I really love how relaxed I feel after using this. I would recommend this to anyone! ( Amazon UK)

  5. The treatment is very relaxing.One hour a week it is nothing compare to some treatment i had in the past, notice a smoothing of skin on the forehead lower face especially. Quality is professional. Actually reduces the wrinkles and easy to use , definitely notice the skin feeling plumped, it’s been great.I really don’t understand some of the comments from other ladys. Unfortunately, when we are in our 40s 50s 60s …. we need to work on ourselves a bit more then when we were young, seating on the sofa doing nothing and waiting for miracles to happen, unfortunately we can’t buy that one anywhere. One hour a week its not much at all.

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